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Are you struggling with bills because you can’t work? Don’t put your home and your health in jeopardy – call an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure you get the legal representation that you deserve. At BementStubblefield, LLC, we provide legal representation for those in Salem, Illinois and throughout the surrounding areas. Additionally, we’re a local firm that understands the needs of injured workers and their families in the community. With over 40 years of legal experience, trust our team when it comes to your workers’ comp claims. Contact our staff for your free legal consultation, and get the help you need!
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What is workers’ compensation?

You wouldn’t be alone if you’re wondering what workers’ comp actually is. However, workers’ compensation is insurance that all employers must have in the State of Illinois. This insurance protects workers from injury and illness and protects employees from the high costs of medical care.

How do I file a workers’ comp claim?

In general, workers’ comp cases are all highly specific to their situation. However, all cases must follow the same basic process. Once again, the process varies depending on your situation. However, you can expect to take the following steps:

  • First, the employer must be notified of the injury and all the details surrounding it. The state of Illinois requires that injuries are reported within 45 days.
  • Next, the employer must notify their insurance company or workers’ comp administrator to notify that a claim has been filed – they ultimately decide the fate of the claim.
  • After reviewing the claim, you will either be granted workers’ comp benefits or issued a denial of your claim.
  • We will file the necessary paperwork for a hearing to prove your claims to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.