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Top 5 Mistakes When Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance

Top 5 Mistakes When Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance

The most common reason people in the Belleville, IL area are denied social security benefits is due to the number of applications and cannot accommodate everyone. Here are 5 tips on how to better your chances of approval:

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Unemployment Benefits

If you are collecting unemployment benefits at the same time as your application, you are sending the message that you are receiving a form of aid. That means you are more likely to get denied social security benefits.

Continuing Employment

If you are still working and you apply for social security benefits you will get declined because your condition is not deemed un-livable. Thus, receiving rejection from social security. If you are still working you will not receive any aid.

Not Reviewing Your Applications Status

By constantly checking your application status you will find that you have been rejected or accepted. If you have been rejected, the more often you check the better chances you have of filing an appeal or a hearing on your application. This betters your chances for reconsideration and acceptance.

Not Properly Filling

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people tend to make is not having enough information or records on file. This leaves your paperwork out of order and sometimes incomplete. If this is the case and you get rejected, you are also limiting your chances of being able to file an appeal or ask for a hearing.

Keep Your Mental State in Mind

Just because you are suffering or living with a physical disability, does not mean your mental health is 100% stable. That is why you need to be cautious and aware of the metal tole that your physical disability has in your everyday life and can articulate that into words when filing your claim.

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