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Steps to Take After an Injury in a Car Accident in Columbia Illinois

Steps to Take After an Injury in a Car Accident in Columbia Illinois

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident in Columbia Illinois

The accident rate is very high in Columbia, Illinois, due to a large number of distracted and intoxicated drivers. So, it is possible you might be involved in a car accident at some point in your life. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the proper steps to take if you are involved in a car crash. There are certain things that you can do that will significantly enhance your chances of recovering damages for any injuries you sustain.
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Here are the steps to take immediately after an accident in Columbia, Illinois.

Step 1: Check yourself for injuries.

Check your body thoroughly for injuries. Attention to detail becomes a necessity because some injuries are not readily evident

Step 2: Locate any injured parties

Check to see that everyone involved in the accident is safe. This includes passengers in your vehicle and the other vehicle as well. Do not move an injured person unless it is necessary to prevent further harm.

Step 3: Move to safety

Move your vehicle out the flow of traffic, if possible, but do not leave the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is not only a criminal activity but will also most likely result in the loss of your rights to collect damages.

Step 4: Call for help.

Call the police and seek medical attention even if no one appears to be seriously hurt. It is common for an auto injury to show up a day or two after an accident.

Step 5: Get contacts and insurance information.

This includes full names, addresses, and phone numbers of everyone involved, including other drivers, passengers, and witnesses. Also write down the insurance carriers, policy numbers, and driver’s license numbers of all drivers, and license plate numbers, year, make, and model of every vehicle involved.

Step 6: Photograph the scene

car accident in columbia illinois

Take pictures of the cars involved in the accident, skid marks, injuries sustained, any road defects, and the surrounding area. Photographing everything could be important to your case. Also document the incident by writing down everything you remember about the accident, as soon as possible. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that you will forget important details.

Step 7: File insurance claims

You may need to contact your insurance company and file an insurance claim to have your car fixed or pay for medical bills. This should be done immediately so that you do not lose the right to file these claims.

In the days, weeks, and months following the accident, you may be approached by insurance agents or the other driver’s attorney asking you to sign papers or even accept to pay for damages. Do not sign anything. Hire a car accident attorney first. He will help receive the compensation you deserve or better defend you if you’re at fault.



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