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Common Restaurant Injuries – When to File a Claim

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When you work in the food industry, you are working at a fast and swift pace to ensure that the business is running efficiently. Likewise, it is easier to get hurt when you are running in and out of the kitchen. Just because it happens to everyone, does not mean you should not file a workers’ compensation claim when you get hurt. The most common restaurant injuries are listed below:

Cuts, Scrapes, Lacerations and Punctures

Cooks cut themselves all the time and can be covered by workers’ compensation. But regardless if you were cut by a knife, metal appliance, a rack, etc. You might encounter lacerations and punctures that require immediate medical attention.

Slip & Falls

As a waiter or waitress, you are running around. Even if you are wearing non-slip shoes you have a higher risk for falling while on the job. Grease gets on the floor, meaning you need to mop it up, then more food falls and you must mop it up. It is a continuous slip, rinse, and repeat situation. If you fall at work and are injured, you can qualify for workers compensation.


You work in a restaurant; you are likely to get burned at one point or another. Depending on the severity of the burn you might need immediate medical attention. Which counts towards a workers’ compensation claim.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

When you work in food, you are often using the same muscle groups. Although it may result in pain here and there, I can cause damage to your joints down the road that will need medical assistance in healing. If this type of pain continues to hurt when you are working or not, it might be time to go to the doctor and file a workers’ compensation claim.



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