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Common Questions to Prepare for at Your Administrative Law Judge Hearing


If you are applying for social security disability and have been previously denied during the initial or secondary reviews, then you will need to appeal the determination. This means that your case will then be reviewed by an administrative law judge, and you will have to testify at the disability hearing.

Judge Hearing

This can be quite an intimidating prospect for most people in the Fairview Heights, IL area. This is because it is determined solely by the judge’s decision. Thus, it is important to know what you should prepare for, including the kinds of questions you will have to answer. Doing this will help calm your nerves and allow you to be better equipped to testify.

Personal Information & Background

In a disability hearing, the claimant will be asked to state their full name, mailing address, and Social Security number. You will also be asked for your height and weight, date of birth, and current age.

The judge will also ask about the extent of your formal education as well as any specialized vocational or other training that you have completed. These details can end up affecting your employability even if you have a disabling condition that may prevent you from working in a certain field or specific job.

Employment Background

You will also be expected to answer a number of questions about your employment history and your current job or employment situation. This can include the manner in which your specific disability affects your ability to work. Some questions that the judge may ask include:

  • If you currently have employment, if so for whom and in what capacity.
  • Have you have tried to work since the start of your disabling condition? If so, what the outcome was, including specifics about your work attempt(s). This includes how long you were there, what you were doing, and why you were not able to properly continue with the job.
  • What job did you have at the time you became disabled. This includes specific job duties, your dates of employment, and the reasoning for leaving.
  • What the rest of your employment history is. This includes all the jobs you have had going back fifteen years. Also include the dates of employment and the job responsibilities.

Medical Issues & Limitations

You will most likely be asked about your disability and other medical issues that you are dealing with as well as the limitations that affect your ability to take care of yourself. This includes things such as cleaning your home, cooking or shopping for yourself.

You will be asked about your condition, the date of diagnosis, and how it has progressed. The judge will also ask about the effects it has on your ability to work and other aspects of your daily life.

Disability Law

Gathering and presenting the medical evidence about your case is an important part of the application process. However, you may be asked more direct questions such as:

  • How much can you lift, carry or move, and how often?
  • Can you safely climb, stoop and bend?
  • How long can you sit, walk, move around or stand for?

If you are preparing for an administrative law judge hearing, you will need to make sure that you have a great attorney in order to help prepare you for your hearing. If you need an attorney, call the professionals at Bement & Stubblefield today!



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