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Can Social Media Posts That You Share Affect Your Disability Claim?

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently has recognized the roles that social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can play in making decisions about disability benefit applications. This can effect applicants in the Fairview Heights, IL area. If the SSA discovers that an applicant may be doing something that would not deem them as disabled, they could be at risk for having their social security disability claim denied.


This does not mean that if you are eligible to received disability benefits you should just give up your social media account. It is more of a warning that what you post is seen by others which includes the SSA. We have compiled several tips that you should consider when using social media if you are in the process of filing a disability claim.

Social Media Usage Tips

  • Tip 1: If you want to conceal your identity, you can omit some personal information about yourself. This can include not using your full name and instead using a nickname. Also removing contact details such as your phone number and email address can also help
  • Tip 2: Make sure that on your account’s privacy settings only listed friends can see what you are posting.
  • Tip 3: To be extra cautious, make sure you are not posting anything that could affect your disability benefits application. This is important even if you have your privacy settings set to only letting people you are friends with see your post.
  • Tip 4: Do NOT discuss your disability claim on your social media platforms.
  • Tip 5: Check any prior posts and delete anything that could possibly affect your application. This includes photos that show you engaging in a physical activity. Even if these were posted before the period that your disability developed.
  • Tip 6: Avoid posting about recent activities that you have taken part of. Especally if it may show you being involved in any type of physical activity.
  • Tip 7: Never comment or post about activities you can or cannot do due to your disability.
  • Tip 8: Tell your friends to stop tagging you in any photos. This is because you can become more discoverable on a Google Search, which can be found by the SSA.
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Working with a disability professional would be in your best interest if you are filing a social security disability claim. This is because they know what you should and shouldn’t do during the application process. If you have any further questions or want help with your disability benefits, the professionals at Bement & Stubblefield are here to help! Give us at Bement & Stubblefield a call today!



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