Social Security Disability

There are two types of Social Security Disability, SSA and SSI. SSA claims are based on disability and the claimant’s earnings record. SSI claims are based on disability and financial need. Often claimants apply for both with the same application. The claimant can initiate a claim personally, buy calling the local office or by going to the SSA website at

If a claimant is denied, a request for Reconsideration should be filed within sixty days. If that is unsuccessful, then a request for an Administrative hearing should be filed, also within sixty days.

Appeals of social security denials are complicated procedures. You should have the assistance of someone experienced in handling social security disability cases. As you might expect, there are many rules and regulations that must be followed to win your case. The lawyers at Bement and Stubblefield, and their network of referral attorneys, are experienced in this area and know what information is necessary to appeal your case.

We are paid only if you win your case. The SSA allows representatives to charge up to 25% of the back pay due, plus expenses. The initial consultation to determine if we can help is free.